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I really need to stop using my journal as a testmachine xD
Today I got two Hetalia doujinshi's and one anthology. One BIG anthology... one BIG anthology of Kitayume! It's so cool, it has tons of pages filled with doujinshi and two pages of Himaruya!

Though I don't have a scanner, but I made some pictures for you all! Just click the cut ^^

by the power of magical cuts!!!Collapse )

The fic I promised

A/N: So, OK. After being almost a half year obsessed with TRC and KuroFai, I still hadn’t  written a fanfic about them… What the hell is wrong with me? But anyways, because the Celes arc and chapter 166 is making people sad/excited/frustrated/angry/homicidal/whatever, I wanted to make a light humor story. Maybe the story will cheer some of you up for a little bit, enjoy! ;)

Summary: How the hell did this happen? Sorata had asked to stand at the altar for him, but he didn’t say that idiot mage would be there. In a DRESS! [No spoilers, KuroFai]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Tsubasa Chronicles, but let’s all bow down to CLAMP who does!! (sings some mantra)

Warning: Shounen-ai and slight cursing.

Note: This story is not beta-read, and English is not the languish I speak/usually write, so it might contain slight grammar mistakes. Sorry! 



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"Hey there noob"



So this is my new LJ. I’ll be posting fics here if I find some time, but if you already want to read some, then just look at my FanFiction.net.  


I’m currently writing two Tsubasa RC fics right now, but I haven’t got the inspiration to finish one of them. Maybe it will come back to me one day, and then I’ll definitely post it. Till then!



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