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I really need to stop using my journal as a testmachine xD
Today I got two Hetalia doujinshi's and one anthology. One BIG anthology... one BIG anthology of Kitayume! It's so cool, it has tons of pages filled with doujinshi and two pages of Himaruya!

Though I don't have a scanner, but I made some pictures for you all! Just click the cut ^^

(ignore my finger, plz;;)

I'm really sorry that the pictures arent the best in the world, but I kinda hope somebody will scanlate it? .__.;; *looks hopeful*

Also, Turkey dares you to click the download link to see a few photo's and snippits of the doujinshi's, xD

Thankyou for watching~!

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(Deleted comment)
Ah! *blushes* xD;;

Thank you for your reply! I didn't think somebody would look at my journal, lol xD I just tested this in my own journal, because I'm afraid the mods will kill me if I get the cut wrong! I also posted this to the main comm. It has a translation there! ^^

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